Are Online Casinos Legal in Canada?

The gambling laws in Canada are still not clear as there are still online casinos operating in the country. The law says that no online casinos should perform gambling services in Canada. However, gamblers can connect with offshore casinos to enjoy their games. But, there are still some online casinos that are operating in different states of the country. In the early days, gambling is done in underground casinos to keep gamblers away from the lawmakers. Most underground casinos in Canada were built with a bar so that players can enjoy a couple of drink rounds while they play.

However, in 1985, Canadian law was lax about gambling operations in the country. It gave each state the power to control gambling activity. So, the answer to the question is Yes. Gambling is legal in Canada. But, a Canadian state can choose not to allow people to gamble online. One of the things you need to know about gambling in Canada is that the gambling site must be run in the province you are located. Secondly, the online casino you want to join must be located outside the shores of Canada. Players can enjoy casino games at offshore casinos.

The Regulation of Canada's Gambling Laws

As we have said earlier, the Canadian government gave each province the power to control the activities of gambling sites in their territory. Today, the operation of most online casinos in Canada are regulated by the provincial government. Also, players can play at online casinos outside the country. There are important things you need to note before you can play at an offshore casino site. The first thing is that the offshore casinos should have all its staffs located outside the country. Secondly, the provincial age restriction for gambling should be followed by all the players at the gambling site.

The responsibility of regulating gambling has been given to provinces. This means that they draft out the gambling laws that gambling sites will follow. However, on the federal level, it is the Canadian Gaming Commission that controls the entire gaming sector of the country. The commission serves as a link between the gaming sector, the media and the people. Since the gaming sector generates a lot of revenue for the country, the government decided that the provisional government be in charge of accounting for the money. This will make it easy for casinos to relate with the government in their states.

Choosing the Best Canada Online Casino

As a Canadian player, there are different things you need to check before joining an offshore casino. Although the government has legalized players to join offshore casinos, the responsibility is on the player to join the right one. Finding the right offshore casino requires you to spend time digging information about several casinos before settling for one. The first thing you need to check is the licensing authority that regulates the casino you want to join. There are many licensing authorities around the world that ensure that online casinos offer the best gambling services to their players. Check the casino site to get information about their licensing authority.

Another important thing you have to check is the bonuses players can claim at the betting site. There are several bonuses players can claim when they join an online casino. For the new and regular players, they can check the bonus page of the casino to know the bonus offers they have for them. As a new player, the first bonus offer you can claim is the sign-up bonus that offers you a percentage on your first deposit. Other bonuses you can claim are cashback bonus, reload bonus and the loyalty program. Players need to check the bonus terms and conditions before claim it.